Time Management

Plan ahead, prioritize, be organized! Words I live by for pretty much every aspect of my life. I have always been extremely organized in every domain of my life, from cleaning my room to time management. During high school and college I was always on top of my work and was able to work twenty plus hours a week. However, things took a slight change during my transition into university. Now, this change isn’t for the worse. Earlier in my life, I would make my school work my hobbies. I would remain weeks ahead in school readings and assignments. Today, I simply keep up to date with readings and assignments. My routine has drastically changed from college to university. Thankfully, I am able to keep my organized qualities. My secret, however, is not of the conventional methods such as the ones outlined in this week’s readings. I simply just live an organized life. Always stay on top of everything, that way nothing piles up. Whenever I would get an assignment, I would reflect how much effort would be needed as well as how much time I will invest in it. I then decide accordingly when and where to accomplish the task. I feel that having a good memory helps a lot. I do not require an agenda, or having to make a to-do list marking each task with a priority. I simply remember, work on, learn, reflect, and grow.