Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

The taxonomy that Bloom created as well as the one his former student revised are really something to think about. Now, both of these diagrams have not been updated in over ten years. Much has changed in that time in regards to this concept, however it is all still relevant. Today, with everything being so fast paced and readily available at the touch of a button, it’s unrealistic for myself to fully comprehend each step of the outline done by Bloom. The most difficult process for myself would be between understanding and applying. I am making reference to the re-evaluated taxonomy. For example, I took some online courses of HTML coding and I would say that I used to know how to code HTML because they had great instructions. However, when it came to actually applying the codes on my own to a blank sheet, I could not do it. I understood how to make an element, but the application of a complete HTML page seems out of my league. That is when I learned how much weight the concept of understanding is during a learning process.

I do agree with analyzing after application as the process. Receiving critiques from peers is a great way to learn something. One line that stood out to me (and not because it was in bold) was that “Collaboration is not a 21st Century Skill, it is a 21st Century Essential”. It seems that this generation was not raised with this mentality, therefore it’s difficult to maintain a productive, working relation with class mates. I feel that many students today are just, well, lazy. Working together is a difficult task, however, when optimized it can achieve great results.