Problem Solving

“Most struggle when they don’t know the answer, when it is actually the question they do not understand” (or something along those lines). That was the same quote I would stare at every day in grade ten during each and every math class. I can say that it would relate to my approach to my method of solving problems. When I face a problem, whether that be a person, event, thing, etc. I found it is not the answer which is the difficult part, but how to get to that answer is. My standard approach would be that of having a rational mind which can weigh a situation and any possible alternatives. I feel that I have strong willpower not give into my emotions. I can remain neutral to a situation and react according to the facts presented. However, I am only human, emotions do get the better of me sometimes.

I guess the reason why I am able to make decisions easily would be that I am always prepared. Being organized in life in general can only be benefitial. I am a very visual learner, that being said, to either explain something or learn it I would draw it on paper. However, not all problems can be faced with a diagram. It’s when life throws you a curve ball where your personality is really tested. Remaining calm and really taking a moment to step back and think is more important than what most people believe. Today, everything is so fast paced and our technology is outsmarting us. No one stops and thinks anymore, they just face something and either react, or don’t know how to react. “The readiness is all”.