Without engaging with either the course material or class discussion, it defeats the purpose of taking a class at university level. In order to have a better understanding on the subject, talking it out with classmates, or even the professor is the way to go. I feel that participating in class discussions helps everyone learn for several reasons. Primarily because regurgitating facts, or asking questions allows one to process the same information in a different manner, allowing one to have a better grasp of the topic. Also, participating will allow further discussion which may lead to additional insight which may or may not have been part of the lecture, thus allowing others to learn even more. I used to be shy in class, never spoke to the teacher. However, with this level of education, the formality between professors and students is not as stressed as when we were in high school. The class dynamic is very relaxed and friendly, which helps with my class participation. If I feel anxious whether the professor or other students will shoot me down if I would ask a question, I would keep it to myself. Thankfully, every class here at Ryerson is a wonderful learning environment where I love to generate discussion in class and participate with fellow classmates.