My history of oral presentations is a mess. Not to be discouraged with my skills, I just have to be in the right state of mind to perform a meaningful presentation. Over the years I’ve presented many things to class mates and I have always felt some sort of anxiety. Having social anxiety naturally doesn’t help either, I can tell you that! Thankfully, as I get older the nervousness is not as bad and I perform better each year. That being said, it really depends on the classroom dynamic as well as the subject matter. I feel a very comfortable vibe inside this classroom which puts me at ease. In addition, the subject I chose for my presentation (web 3.0) really does spark my interest. I am concerned about the research aspect, and that will most likely affect my presentation. However, starting this project early, I feel that I will be ready for presentation day. What I find helps a presentation more than anything is the visuals. Which is why I start presentations so early, it is to then spend much time on my visual aspect. If I feel the audience is bored, this will give me stress, therefore having a lousy presentation. Hopefully, everything works out to my benefit and that little problems occur in regards to the research. I must say I am excited for this presentation and I truly feel it will go as planned.