Web Literacy

I should say this first, I’ve always judged books by their covers.

Now that I am a New Media student, I judge websites by their covers. I believe the presentation of a website is crucial for whatever purpose it serves on the internet. Back when the internet was still fresh and new, it was acceptable to have a horrific design. However, this is 2013, website designs have become standardized, the look should engage the viewer.

Websites, especially for research, are difficult to navigate at times when it comes to locating accurate information. Having a skeptical mind when browser a public ‘.com’ website for information has been very beneficial. First thing I tend to do when browser websites for information is locating the author. You would think that every website has a visible one by now, sadly, this is not the case. How can I even consider this information when the author is no where to be found. One trick I recently started using when looking at a site is “what is the objective of the website?”. I have never asked myself this question before, because I assumed I knew considering I was on the website. This question has either made or break the website for my use, and I either move on or dive deeper into it’s contents. An example would be if I am looking for research on a magazine website, now is the goal of the website to inform or entertain? As entertaining as the site was, it was not very informative. That being said, I moved on.