The Library

I attended the library workshop, “Navigating the Library’s Electronic Resources” on September 17, 2013. I had already complete some preliminary research concerning my topic of presentation (Web 3.0). Unfortunately, before the workshop, I was not very successful at finding a suitable article pertaining to what Web 3.0 entails. However, I did learn some useful tricks to navigate online databases. First off, I was taught that using quotations will group key words together. This performed wonders when I would research “Web 3.0” instead of just web 3.0. I immediately found great articles and was satisfied with my research post-library. I was familiar with online databases prior to this research assignment as I attended a college before Ryerson. With databases such as JSTOR, I am used to research databases and was generally able to retrieve relevant articles. Now, I have many tools which will help with future research.