Exercise 5: Digital Identity

Part 1:

Name: Jesse Maxwell Perez

Nothing much appears when I Google Jesse Maxwell Perez. The first link of Facebook given is that of the actual Jesse Maxwell Perez I was searching. Thankfully, not much information is given. It simply shows some interests such as films and music tastes. Moving on, the rest of Google has nothing on my search, however his MPM 107 blog does come up on the second page of Google. I can assume that it will move up the charts as the course progresses. That would be very good for his name because professors, as well as potential job seekers would find his academic and responsible blog with ease. I did a quick search on Pipl, however his specific identity did not come up in the results. All this would say that Jesse’s personal online identity has been kept well hidden. I would say that this shows that he is not very active online, but he could be using an alias name. That being said, it would be difficult for potential job seekers to find any public media work done by Jesse.

Part 2:

Sam Legros

Carlos Sabbah

A great way to stay on top of your name in the online world would be to purchase a domain using your name. From there, you may create a website, portfolio, blog, or another source of information to develop your online identity. It does not stop there, it is recommended to research what is already being said about you. By using several online tools, virtually any information pertaining to your name can be found. Simply by staying on top of your online presence is beneficial towards your virtual integrity. Most of all, having control of what you say or what is being said about you is very important. Most people lose track of all the information about themselves online, however, it is not impossible to keep track and do something about it. (Russell, 2011)

This article was chosen for a specific reason, it was at the top of Google search for the search terms “how to get to the top of google search”. It provides a simple structure outlining several techniques in order to obtain the top slot of Google’s search index. Many of the techniques are to do with the planning aspect of any project. Having a sound foundation of knowing what needs to be done before is high recommended here. All it comes down to is how can a web page be viewed by the largest target audience possible? Through the use of mobility, key words, social media, content, purpose, and so on. Having consistent quality with all of these aspects will help with Google’s servers to detect correlation between searches and your content, thus granting you the top spot on the search terms. (Simmons, 2013)


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