I feel that writing a blog response for my “group experience in class” would be vague, because it seems non existent. I must say this, I have an extremely bias view of group work in school as negative. Throughout high school and college, not one student I was paired with would spend much of their efforts towards most group projects. When I am passionate about a subject I will take lead for the project if no one steps up. Not to say that I take full command of a project. Most group projects just need a little “push” to get things rolling. However, because I am usually the one that does the push, my fellow “collaborators” tend to lean on me every step of the way.

I was optimistic that this will all change when I would collaborate with fellow Ryerson New Media students. I was wrong. The same problem keeps coming up. I’ve learned not to take anything personal, which was very benefitial. However, I want to learn with fellow students, however, if my voice is passive, the group will not achieve high results. All this being said, my weakness for group work would be that I go into projects with negative connotations. Instead of demanding, I should ask and listen to fellow group members.