Discussions Reflection

October 3, 2013

I was very glad to see that my entire life story does not appear when you search my name online. In confession, I have not remained very hidden in the online world, however there is no abundance of information to be found of my private life. I really need to do an online clean up of all the old and unused profiles I have created over the years. With all this talk of digital identity and online footprint, I must admit, I am a little nervous when it comes to when I am in the working world. I would like to continue my work in New Media, more specifically something to do with the internet. However, how can one attain a respectable image online now? We are sucked in at such an early age to create that first “cool_stud22@hotmail.com” email address, or post that house party album on Facebook. The question that troubles me is, “what happens next?” After the dust of our social high has settled and the world takes a look at it, what happens then? Can something ever be truly deleted off the internet once it’s put there? All I can do now I apply all my attention of the internet with cautious integrity towards creating a resectable online presence. I just hope that it’s not too late for that.