Self Directed Learning

Today, there is little to no excuse for not knowing at least a little bit of any discipline. Sure, back in the day education prepared us to simply fill in the slot of empty jobs, however times have changed. Education is becoming less of a moulding process, and more of a developing process. Where learners are simply given the tools and insights to then think for themselves. To challenge themselves upon facing various situations. With access of the internet, self learning has become a thing of the norm.

But when does learning start? or stop for that matter? The answer is that learning is nowhere, yet everywhere. As soon as we take our first breath, we are learning the world around us. We develop with our environment, we analyze what happens to us, and we reflect on what we become. Learning has never been limited to the classroom. I feel that keeping an open mind when doing anything is key for learning, especially when teaching oneself. Looking up something you did not know on Google may be one form of learning, but it does not stop there. Every day practices such as cooking a meal or playing an instrument is a form of education. It is exciting to learn every day, whether we are aware of it or not.