Interactive Communication

Politics have always been a mystery to me. But seeing how relatable political communication is with the communication of this class was an interesting read. Today, communication plays one of the biggest roles in accomplishing any sort of task in the online world. Networking users together through a dialogue over a blog post, video, or other medium plays a vital role in communication today. With this specific field of politics, it can reach an even greater audience with its use of interactivity. I found it pretty humorous when the article went into detail of politicians using blogs. I just cannot picture an actual politician typing a blog post which can make or break their career depending on what they will post. However, I guess it does reduce the “distance” between myself and a politician. Before blogs, I would only see pictures of them in the newspaper or on television. Now, they are performing the same online functions as I am, giving them a more ‘humble’ look. Which I guess is good for ratings. A good quality to the blogs is that each post can spark debate and discussion. Unfortunately, you can mask your identity online and spam must be incredibly present with political issues. Having such figures of authority communicate with the world using a common medium seems like a contemporary concept. It makes politicians seem more “human”…