Of course, the first attempt to research what a blog is, one would then Google “What is a blog?”. I did just that. Google gave me a nice, short response. The answer seems so simple for something that almost everyone does in this day and age. It’s where a person or group posts information or of other content on a website. Relating it to this class, I guess you can say that a Blog is a form of New Media. One way of expression in the virtual world of the internet, a public (or private?) diary if you will. Blogs can be anything from written posts, to video, to images. However, they are all restricted to the world wide web, if you can call that a restriction.

I did learn something new whilst doing a little research on Blogs. Such as how it is just the words Web and Log combined. Before this course, I did know a little bit about Blogs. Heck, I even had one to post my work for my online portfolio.¬†However, I feel that it can be a very powerful tool to use as a voice (sometimes anonymous, however, with today’s technology, how anonymous can one be). Blogs can be a very quick and efficient tool to produce content and distribute it upon the masses. That being said, anyone can Blog these days, meaning that the content may not always be of a quality source. I’ve always wanted to Blog and express my passions in writing for the world to read, however, I feel I lack writing skills, as well as the audience to actual write content which may be viewed by more than just my own mother. I am very pleased that Blogging is used as a main form of communication in the course.