21st Century Skills

I strongly believe I have decent 21st century skills, as defined by this several-part article. Mostly because I can classify myself as a natural cynic and skeptic. That being said, whenever I would look something up on the web, it would take me longer to accept the truth from a site that would not seem worthy of accurate information. As the author puts it, I believe I have a strong “crap detector” when it comes to information on the web. Ever since I would research something online, I would always triangulate my search. Finding multiple sources which can validate a specific topic just makes everything better. Nothing is worse than believing in something which it flat out incorrect.

The only weakness I would have concerning 21st century skills would be that I am not familiar with all types of “21st century literacies”. The language of the web, of the future.  I am still learning, but the web is so vast and is always expanding, it is difficult to keep up. Online literacy will be, and already is, a whole other world within ours. It’s virtual, not like the physical world which is bound to rules like gravity (I feel like Morpheus from The Matrix). The web’s limitations are constantly evolving and the possibilities are only bound to our imagination and will.