Assignment 1

I hope the presentation goes well tomorrow! Apart from the nervousness of the actual presentation part, I feel very confident towards my research. It was difficult to find a suitable article which would address the necessary information for me to present to the audience. Most peer reviewed articles I came across where so specific that it was difficult to comprehend their application of Web 3.0 where my understanding was so vague. I then tailored my research and presentation to the audience. I took a step back and figured that the audience would know little to nothing when it comes to Web 3.0. I break down any terms that may arise and take the web process step by step. I hope my visual presentation will capture the audience’s attention, and more importantly, I hope they learn something new in regards to Web 3.0. It is a subject which closely relates to this course and I would like the entire class to benefit from my presentation.

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Exercise 1: New Media?

My Definition: New media is a modern approach to communicate a purpose using various mediums, including but not limited to art or technology.

One example regards stem cells to reproduce organs. Scientists absolutely require a higher education to know and understand exactly how the human body works. They also need to apply their reason and understanding in order to be successful with their work. Science must be a difficult subject to work with because one must be linear with accurate and precise calculations, however they must also be able to adapt to any unpredicted change that may or may not occur.

On the other hand, creative works can also be a category of New Media. Any artist willing to combine several elements to produce a work of art must exhibit a certain amount of dexterity. Similar to science, artists must exhibit the ability to focus on a single goal, yet remain adaptable to change. This change may alter the goal any artist may begin with. That being said, the change could improve or destroy the piece that is produced. Lastly, being in this day and age, information is constantly changing, so can art ever be labeled as “finished”?

Joelle’s Definition: New Media is about seeing past still frame images and embracing art in other forms.

Jodie’s Definition: New media is a combination of creative and artistic innovations combined with our technology to create a new way of communicating and interacting with the world.

Combined Definition: New Media is a form of communication which combines elements from any field and applies it to contemporary life.